Christmas Garlands, a complete guide.

Christmas Garlands. Decorating for the Christmas season usually includes a garland or two.  If you think it is the same old stuff year after year, then think again.  There are lots of ways to use a garland, real or artificial, and some new twists to personalize them for your family or lifestyle.

Flocked, pre-lit, artificial and real, garlands are traditionally found along mantelpieces and banisters.  

Get Crafty

  • Spruce up an ordinary garland by adding flowers, pine cones, ornaments, or weave a wide ribbon through it.
  • Weave a Christmas garland with eucalyptus or other aromatics to add dimension to the room.
  • Incorporate mittens or Christmas stockings periodically along the strand.
  • For a new twist on an Advent Calendar, fill envelopes with tiny toys, candy, and inspirational quotes.  Seal them with numbered stickers.
  • For another variation, use homemade gift tags to intersperse with your greenery.  Children will love to see their name in print and it will enhance the anticipation of the real gifts under the tree.
  • Display the greeting cards you receive by using a clothespin to attach them to a garland.  Craft stores often sell mini clothespins in colors that will add to the charm.
  • Similarly use your children’s artistic creations to fit in some empty spaces.
  • Customize a Christmas garland using wooden beads or metal doodads you have lying around the house or that you pick up at a thrift store.


Garlands don’t necessarily need to be restricted to a tree or mantle.

  • Swing or hang them along the outside rails of your deck or porch.  Just be sure they are secure if you live in a windy spot.
  • Extend an extra-long garland inside between windows to create an unusual focus area.
  • Turn it into a table centerpiece or runner.  Strategically placed ornaments, flowers, and candles will add charm to your dining experience.
  • Place artificial garlands around outdoor pillars or spindles on the porch handrail.  Add appropriate edible berries or small suet cakes and our feathered friends will get a treat besides.
  • Don’t forget the bathroom.  A simple string of garland around a large mirror brings Christmas everywhere.
  • If you are tired of placing bows on the backs of your dining chairs, vary it with artificial garlands with some colorful accents, or a big tag that let’s folks know where you would like them to sit.

Here’s hoping some of these ideas will appeal to you. If you’re looking for more great Christmas items, please visit our blog today.  

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