Christmas Wreaths and how they make Christmas better

Christmas wreaths are so welcoming when hung on the front door.  It is a gesture of friendship and spirit of the season.  Take that same feeling and display some of your wreaths indoors.  There are lots of places if you think about it.

Walls and More – With the advent of removable adhesive hooks, a wreath can appear anywhere on walls, mirrors, or bedroom headboards.  Microfilament fishing line also is an easy and sturdy cord to hold up the wreath.

Chandelier – Place it over the light fixture facing up.  It might be necessary to cut a slice so that it will go around the light’s wiring.  Be sure that nothing flammable will touch the bulbs.

Mirror – The best way to handle it is to carefully remove the mirror from the wall and loop some secure ribbon or another tie from the wreath over the back of the mirror.  Make sure everything is secure before you replace the mirror in its position.  The reflective quality of the mirror will be a special attraction to double your handiwork display.

Other Doors – Cabinet doors become more cheerful with small wreaths strategically placed.  Be sure they will not interfere with cooking or daily activities.  Using those removable hooks, give each child a special wreath for their bedroom door to reflect their personality or interest.  Placing a wreath on a sliding glass door gives your guests a visual cue to avoid crashing into the great outdoors unexpectedly.

Tables – Placed on a dining room or side table it can serve as a candle ring, around a plate of cookies, a hurricane lamp, or just a stack of ornaments.  Put a small nativity set in the center for a different focus.

Other Ideas

  • Try combining two sizes of wreaths on top of one another.  That will give new uses for old artificial wreaths that you can return to service.
  • An empty picture frame can be the border for the real or artificial wreath of your choice.  It can look like it is floating.
  • Hung in windows facing outward, it adds interest to neighbors and passing motorists.
  • Wreaths don’t have to be round.  Use a garland or modify an artificial wreath so that it is rectangular or even a triangle or star.
  • Instead of a pine bough, start with a garland of flowers or holly.

Wreaths are versatile and fit into all sizes of rooms and homes. If you’d like to learn more about Christmas home décor, check out our site today. 

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