Different Places for a Christmas Wreath

The classic Christmas wreath hanging on the door has become a tradition.  But you needn’t be restricted to your entry door.  There are lots of places that wreaths can be displayed.

  • Windows
    • Forget about the door, put a wreath on the picture window(s) on the front of your house.  Just hang them inside.  Some wreaths are prelit so you can turn on the lights when it gets dark to add to your outdoor display.
    • Group a number of smaller or different sized wreaths in the windows.  It is an interesting effect and lets you use some of those wreaths that just seem to accumulate over the years.
  • Walls
    • If you are craft prone, or even better, artistic, turn a wreath into part of wall art.
    • Use a snowshoe or set of skis as the backdrop for a wreath.  It will surprise your visitors and be a good discussion piece.
  • Guest Rooms
    • Place a prelit wreath, garland or combination over the headboard.  Adding seasonal linens will complete the holiday feel.
    • Inside of the door.  Add some sweet treats.  It will be so much better than a mint on the pillow.
    • For grandparents, have your children add their own drawings or creations to make it special.
  • Dining Area
    • Centerpieces for the table are always a good idea.  Stick a bowl of nuts in their shell, pine cones, berries, or Christmas ornaments and you are done.  In fact, have several ideas ready and change it up every day or so.
    • Chair wreaths make a lovely change from the standard big bows and can serve as place cards.
    • If you plan to eat in the kitchen, place a couple of wreaths on cabinet doors.  Just be sure they are away from any fire hazards and won’t interfere with your meal preparations or daily activities.
    • If you have a hutch, it is a lovely way to call attention to the treasured dishes you are displaying.
  • Other Places
    • It may take a little ingenuity to find just the right wreath, but how about putting it around the face of a clock?
    • Spaces in a bookcase or other open storage areas are great for a small wreath.
    • Remember the bathroom.  Mirrors will reflect the greenery and add some festivity.

This should start you on your way to finding interesting and unique places for Christmas wreaths. If you’d like to learn more about Christmas home décor and trees, check out our site today. 

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