Types of Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations. While a Christmas tree is probably the focus of most homes during that time of the year, there are a number of other accessories that are also common but can be used in uncommon ways.


Added to your tree, Christmas ornaments come in several shapes other than a round or spherical ball.  

  • Egg-shaped – Elongated ovals
  • Icicle – Long and slender they can be accented with themes like acorns or glass beads for additional curves
  • Teardrop – Similar to an icicle shape, they are also called chandelier shapes
  • Heart – Also called a lamp shape
  • Miscellaneous – Shaped like animals, musical instruments, and other characters
  • Personalized and DIY

Ornaments are not restricted to a tree.  Try some of these ideas:

  • Placed in a bowl as a centerpiece or on a side table
  • A single, special ornament hung on a stand so it suspends
  • Added to a bow on a Christmas gift


Garlands and their cousin tinsel are standards for the Christmas tree.  

Tinsel actually comes in a number of forms and can easily be used to wrap around a banister or column or to augment a plain garland.  Just be careful to keep it away from pets and small children.

Garlands can be used in large or small spaces and wound around or through a variety of windows, doorways, and mantles.  Artificial garlands can also come pre-lit to give an even more festive glow to your rooms.


Christmas lights come in a variety of colors and shapes.  If you have a pre-lit tree but still have strings of lights, let them grace your mantle or hang down in loops.  Short strings of battery operated lights look lovely in a crystal bowl.  Arrange them around or in front of a window to share with your neighbors.  With built-in timers and twinklers, you can create a combination of patterns.


Miniature winter villages come in many styles and can grow over time.  You can start with a few pieces and add as you like.  It also makes a good gift idea for someone.

From Victorian or Santa’s workshop or a rural town or a ski village, there is a style for everyone.  Place them in a single spot or group them in various places through the house.  Add a small train set if you like.

Maybe this will give you some ideas for the next holiday season.

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