Interesting Christmas party game ideas for kids

There is nothing like beautiful memories to go by as we grow older. Children love games and a Christmas party game would be one of the precious memories you can give to your kids. Light up your Christmas party with some games and add more fun to the Santa experience. Here are a few game ideas you may never have considered. 

1. Fit the lyrics in

In this game, you create an interesting game out of Christmas carols. Pick a fragment from the lyrics of different Carol songs, one at a time and let the kids sing the songs. The kid who fits the lyrics in with the songs correctly wins the game. To make it more fun, you can play the songs along once the answer is correct. 

2. Snowball race

You would need some small balls and spoons. Divide the kids into teams and hand each team a spoon and a ball, the ball should be small enough to sit in the spoon. Then, the kids run a Relay race with the spoons and balls, right there in the snow, the first team to arrive at the finish line wins the game. 

3. Gift wrap relay

Let the kids have some fun with the gift items. For this game, you would need wrapped gifts depending on the number of teams and some tapes. Each team is given a wrapped gift to unwrap and then wrap again. The first team to achieve this feat wins the game. 

4. Mystery stocking

To play this game, you would stuff some items in a stocking. The kids would have no idea what the items are. They pass the stocking from one kid to another, making guesses about the mystery item. The kid who guesses right wins the game and goes home with the item. You may consider items like small stuffed animals, a pack of cards, etc.

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