Stylish ways to decorate your living room center table

Your living room center table could easily be the anchor furniture. Other pieces of furniture are usually arranged around it. The point is, it receives a lot of attention. Your center table deserves a lot more attention than you are probably giving it. Decorating that table would be a worthy venture and you might need help with it. Here are some tips you might find helpful as you decorate your center table. 

1. Use flowers

Flowers are gorgeous, they will make your center table noticeable and of course, beautiful. A basket of flowers, a bouquet in a vase or a glass container, whatever container they come in, they would stand out on that table like a golden egg. The pop of color would add glamour to your table. You don’t want to pass flowers over. 

2. Light some candles

The evening can get more dramatic with one scented candle, you could use more than one. You can place the candle in a bowl, preferably a transparent bowl to add some finesse to it. Tie a ribbon around the candle to improve its beauty. The glow from the light and the way it travels around the table would certainly be a worthy sight. 

3. Use ornaments

Ornaments could be all the difference that your center table needs. Some handcrafted pieces or some bronze pieces would do the trick. All you have to do is arrange them carefully on the center table. You could have about five pieces arranged in a circle, or on a line with calculated distances between them. They would make your center table look so much better. 

4. Potpourri works

A collection of flowers and herbs will make your center table look a lot better. You only have to be careful enough to arrange them neatly, and your center table is good to go. 

Any of these options would help you decorate your center table in the best way possible.

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