Top 3 colors to paint your room

This is your room, this is where you want to feel safe, this is where you would want to relax more times than you’ll be able to count, this is where you hide under your blankets and feel lazy during a cold weekend, this is your space. It has to be the best it can be, it has to help you relax, and it should feel like a comfort zone for you, it should radiate the kind of warmth that welcomes you every single time. What colors would help you achieve all these? Here are a few suggestions. 

1. Baby blue

Cool, that’s the case for baby blue. This color is very cool and at the same time, isn’t dull. You would be inspired to relax in this space and it will easily help you think. Baby blue is the latest perfect for your room. That ethereal quality is exactly what you don’t want to miss, this color promises you that quality. 

2. Light lilac

With this color, you get to eat your cake and then, have it still. You want the cool shade that helps you relax and you also want some color in your room? Light lilac does it for you. Your room is bursting with rich purple quality but it retains that calm, relaxing shade. You get to enjoy both sides of the divide. 

3. Black

I’m sure you’re wondering how black got to this list. Well, it is dark, it is cool, and it is beautiful. It is especially great for smaller rooms, it helps to embolden the space and make it look larger than it is. Of course, you would need lighter shades for your window blinds and beddings to lighten it up a bit. Black makes your room feel a lot more unique and of course, intimate. 

Go cool, go intimate and, go beautiful. 

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