6 Tips to Make Your Artificial Christmas Tree Perfect

When you look into the many magazines that you get that showcase the holidays, you are going to see perfect artificial Christmas trees and decor throughout the home that keep with the theme. It makes us all want to design and decorate that artificial Christmas tree that looks as though it could be in a magazine or featured online as a perfect tree. So, how can you make your artificial Christmas tree perfect? We have a few tips that can help you!

  1. What is your theme? Find a theme and stick with it! Whether you want to adopt the winter wonderland theme, a whimsical theme, a peppermint theme or the like, you will want to find the theme that you best like and then go with it throughout the home, as well as on the tree. 
  2. Go with different shaped ornaments and even integrate ribbons, flowers and the like. What you will find when looking at those perfectly decorated trees that you see is that they are going to use a variety of ornaments, the decorators are not sticking with just one type. The variety creates an even better visual appeal!
  3. Choose tree lights that are going to stick with the theme as well. You will find that a whimsical theme will be great with white lights. While those who are using peppermints may want to go with red and white lights!
  4. Space everything even when you are decorating. This is probably one of the biggest tips that you can use to make sure that you have a perfect looking tree. This may take some time and stepping back to see the overall result of what needs to stay and what needs to move.
  5. Have fun with it! Decorating a tree should not be work. Have fun with this. Play some music and let the entire family help. While it may not be perfect that you want, you will find that the memory that you create is going to make you feel as though this tree is perfect. 
  6. Be creative. Don’t go with what you see in magazines, make this your own. It will mean more when you get creative and just don’t copy what is out there. 

So, how will you decorate your artificial Christmas tree this year? Whatever you choose, you are going to find the end result that will result in a happy Christmas that you will always remember.

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