Best ways to spend time with family this Christmas

Some of us jump right into the busy schedule of various activities from Monday through Sunday night and still have to begin all over again the next week. Because of this cycle of life, we let precious time slip from us, time which we fail to spend with our loved ones. We all acknowledge that the time spent with family are some of the best time of our lives, yet we spend so little of it with them.

It is that time of the year when we are given about a week’s holiday to get to see and spend time with our loved ones. Families who spend more time together share a stronger emotional bond. Also, time spent with family creates a sense of belonging and enhances communication, especially for children. For couples, time together strengthens connection and builds intimacy, which in turn strengthens marriages and other forms of relationship.

For this Christmas, we have come up with some great creative ways to spend the little time of the holiday with our loved ones.

Organize a Secret Santa 

Some family relationships are negatively affected because of some financial issues at Christmas. Having a secret Santa is an excellent alternative to the economic problems of families at Christmas. Also, it helps reduce stress, and it is a fun activity that can be done by the whole family.

 Introduce a “Phone Off” Policy

One of the greatest banes of good family time is our little gadget, the phone. With the phone out of the way, your family is sure to get some quality time together. Instead of time spent on social media, phone applications, and games, some friendly family competitions such as monopoly and sports activities like cricket could be played among family members. 

Swap Gifts

Swapping of gifts is a trend in the Christmas season, and is a must between family members. Instead of getting presents for every one of the family, an alternative to gift swapping is that the money could be used for planning trips and other small family experiences.

Have Meals Together

At Christmas, spending time with the family should be marked with some important meals together. You should sit down with family members during lunch and dinners. For kids, this can be especially important as it makes them feel special because it shows your love and cares for them.

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