Is Santa Claus real? The history

Children can be trusted to be on their best behavior once they are reminded that they have to be that way because of Santa. Santa would ask to know if any of the curious kids waiting for him had been right all year long. For years kids have believed that their parents report them to Santa: this is a classic empty threat. While the adults have a good laugh at the jokes, it’s good to ask again; Is Santa Claus real? Santa sure is. 

The history

It has been known in history that St. Nicholas became Santa Claus. He lived his early life in wealth because his parents were wealthy. They both died soon after, leaving their wealth behind for him. St. Nicholas loved to meet the needs of other people, but he must have hated the announcement that came with helping others. So, he devised a unique means of helping others; he would do it secretly. St. Nicholas was known to drop gifts for people personally; those gifts were usually what the individuals need.

A story in history

Once a story was told of a man who had three daughters, his daughters were unmarried because he didn’t have the money to pay as their dowry. At the time, women paid dowries on the wedding day to the groom’s family. St. Nicholas wanted to help them, so he carried a sack of gold secretly at night and dropped it in the poor man’s house. The first daughter was able to get married. He did it the second time and the third. The poor man was curious, so he stayed up at night to wait for the secret giver. He caught St. Nicholas the third time, but the saint begged him not to tell anyone. People still got to know afterward.

St. Nicholas spent his life helping kids and sailors. 

Santa Claus 

In England, years later, the kids were expected to receive unique gifts for Christmas. The cheerful giver readily came to heart, even though his legend was fading at the time. That individual who would deliver the gifts to them was known as Father Christmas. Soon enough in the USA, that character became ‘Kris Kringle,’ meaning Christ kind. Then, it became Sintaklaas and finally, Santa Claus. 

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