Upside Down Christmas Trees

Upside down what?! Yes, upside-down Christmas Trees are a thing, and their trend is on the rise. I’m sure you’re thinking, now I’ve heard everything. It sounds crazy, but it is deeply rooted (pun intended) in history, and its origin may surprise you.

Upside down Christmas trees have been around for centuries—but this trend has gained significant popularity in the last few years, literally turning the usual tradition on its head! Let’s explore the history of this odd but exciting mode of décor.

The idea is thought to have been dated back to the 7th century, when Saint Boniface, a Benedictine monk, was converting Pagans to Christianity. He may have used the triangular shape of the Christmas tree helped him visually explain the Holy Trinity, deeply planting the significance of symbology into the tree as well as the religion.   During the 19th century, upside down hung Christmas trees were more popular, to free up limited space in tiny homes. 

So why should you try this?

*Disclaimer: it is advised to use this with an artificial tree, not a real one. *

  • If you’ve always been all about a traditional tree, challenge yourself and your family to shake it up a bit in your home! 
  • You’ll also add a delightful surprise for your guests, as surely this will be unexpected. 
  • Free up more floor space for Christmas presents, playing room, etc. 
  • When I tried this in my home, I learned the best benefit for me was that this way, it was much more challenging for my pets to climb (or destroy) the tree.
  • If you have children, an upside-down tree deters them from reaching up and grabbing the ornaments. That should add a few more years to your artificial Christmas tree’s lifespan! 
  • It brings the decorations (and magic) closer to eye-level. 
  • You can even buy stands for upside down artificial Christmas trees on Amazon and many other websites to add some pizzazz to your holidays. 
  • An inverted tree is a fun way to change up your holiday traditions. 

So there you have it: unlike the upside-down cross, you need not worry; the upside-down Christmas tree is not a blasphemous symbol.  It roots are saintly.  And it’s a wonderful way to display the beautiful decoration.  We want to thank you for stopping by, and we hope you enjoyed learning about upside-down Christmas trees. For more great articles, please click here.