Spruce and cones


This is the season of love, the season to give, the season to show love to every person around us. The spirit of the season is the spirit of love, the spirit of thrills, giving, joy, and happiness. To truly fulfill the ideals of this season of Christmas, there is a need to show how much love you have for all and sundry around you.

There are several way to show love to those around you this season. There are a lot of ways to put a smile on the face of the needy ones around you. I will be listing out a lot of ways for you to make a difference in the life of others around you in this Yuletide celebration.

  • Stock up your bags with enough foods whenever you leave gone to give to the homeless around. This way, you will make a difference in their lives this yuletide celebration.
  • Donate toys to the US Marine Corps as a support for their Toy For Tots Mission to put a smile on the faces of less privileged children around you this Yuletide season. You will be making a difference in the lives of a lot of children with that singular act.
  • Take time out to appreciate those ones that are responsible for our safety. The military personnel that are responsible for your safety the whole year are worthy of at least a letter of thanks. This definitely will go a long way also.
  • Several kids are stuck in the hospital this holiday season and they have no where to go. You will be making a great difference in their lives by sending them a gift basket in that hospital to celebrate the season.
  • You can also make a difference this season of Christmas by paying a visit to those in the elderly nursing homes. You can go along with gifts if you can.

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